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This will be an opportunity to experience the benefits of a daily practice.

Our classes focus on the development of a personal practice, rather than on group directed classes. This traditional way of teaching is known as Mysore style. Gradually the student is taught the sequence, posture by posture, from the teacher - each asana building on the previous one while preparing for the next one. The teacher holds space for the students to practice what they have learned, at their own pace, moving to the rhythm of their breath.

The foundation of the Ashtanga yoga method is comprised of three parts, collectively known as Tristana: free breathing, asana (postures) and dristi (gazing point). Vinyasa is the relationship between breath and movement and it fosters a strong mind-body connection. It is through this process that internal cleansing occurs.

Through daily practice the practitioner gains independence as well as confidence in their own sadhana (spiritual practice).

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With Natalia Correa CNP and Yoga Teacher.

The classes offered are different than most yoga studios as we focus on the development of a personal practice, rather than group directed classes. Ashtanga yoga can be practiced by anyone, as each student is considered individually and is taught at a suitable pace for that particular moment.