Workshops & Special Offerings

The daily asana & yoga practice will eventually have a deeper effect in ourselves and our lives at different levels. The workshops and special offering we hold aim to support the practitioner to go deeper within and provides tools to easily welcome a healthier lifestyle.


Ashtanga Yoga Squamish BIBI LORENZETTI

Mysore Pop-Up/ August 5th & 6th
@Ashtanga Yoga Squamish

Bibi Lorenzetti

August Monday 5th
6:30-8:30 am Mysore
8:45- 10:30 am Meet and greet & Kitchari

August Tuesday 6th
6:30-8:30 am Mysore
8:45-10:30 am Q&A & Closing circle

Bibi has completed the advanced a series under Sharath Jois’s and Eddie Stern’s guidance. Her teaching is rooted in her own disciplined and dedicated practice.

She has recently been featured in the Michael O'Neill documentary '

On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace', the 'Heartbreak Kids' Podcast,

Ekam Inhale Magazine & Ashtanga Yoga Parampara; she has privately taught many high-profile entertainers including Madonna.

$65 single day / $115 full weekend
Limited to 10 participants.

Natalia Correa Nutrition Workshops Feel Good

Feeling Good: Women's Workshops Nutrition Series

Spencer Driedger & Natalia Correa

Squamish: Dates to be announced.

Do you crave a deeper understanding of Holistic Nutrition to achieve optimal health?

Breaking it down to the nutrition basics for women's optimal health: manage your stress, increase your energy, balance your hormones and an overview of fertility and healthy pregnancy.

Each week we will build on the last workshop, giving you the tools to support you on your journey to feel good.

Full course: 4 Workshops, 90 min each with a drink & snack. $160

1 Workshop + 1 drink & snacks $45

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